Counter-Strike: Breakthrough Edition 2.100.1


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Game Features

Counter-Strike BreakThrough Edition comes with plenty of new game modes, such as Zombie Mode and Deathmatch. Below are list of the complete game modes.

  • Original
  • Basic
  • Deathmatch
  • NN Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Gun Deathmatch
  • Hidden Mode
  • Fun Mode – Bazooka Match
  • Challenge Mode (Deathrun)
  • Zombie Mode I (The Origin)
  • Zombie Mode III (The Hero)
  • Zombie Mode IV (Darkness)
  • Zombie Scenario
  • Zombie Escape

Other Game Features

  • Quest System (You must complete missions to earn points to exchange for weapons, skins, tattoos)
  • Tattoo System (You need complete mission)
  • Costumes
  • Emotions

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反恐精英:突破版 2.100.1

特点 反恐精英:突破版附带了大量的新游戏模式,如僵尸模式和死斗。下面是完整的游戏模式列表。 原始模式 普通模式 个人决战 NN个人决战 团队决战 枪王决战 幽灵模式 火箭炮决战 极限模式 生化模式 生化模式III (The Hero) 生化模式IV (Darkness) 大逃杀 生化大逃杀 其他特点 任务系统 纹身系统 服装系统 表情系统