Maibatsu Mule Recovery

Jul 17, 2019
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The infamous star of many grade-B repo shows and a personal favorite of many local swindling car dealers, this workhorse hasn’t lost its charm at all even after many years of active service. Easy to drive, built to last and hard to perform a P.I.T maneuver on, the Mule Recovery is one of the most sensible investments an aspiring blue-collar crook can make.

Do not modify or re-upload without author’s permission. Do not ask for ELS versions. Feel free to add the vehicles to FiveM, as long the credit of the authors is given.

This is a Mule with modified headlights, a halogen lightbar, a flatbed platform, new truck wheels and two modified headlights which were taken from the Biff to differentiate the truck from other Mules.

This truck is also compatible with I’m Not MentaL’s Flatbed script. Instructions how to make it compatible can be found inside the archived file.

– muler

– Rockstar Games – Models
– TheF3nt0n – Model edits
– MGGames100 – Square headlights
– AlexanderLB and ReNNie – Liveries
– 11john11 – Amber lightbar
– Lt.Caine and Monkeypolice118 – Wheels
– JoonasPRKL – Previous screenshots
– Bondergomme – Previous in-universe description
– MyCrystals! – Description
– Jacobmaate – Screenshots

– 1.0 – Initial release
– 1.1 – Moved the lightbar to the flatbed platform and the truck is now mapped with 9 different liveries, a template is also included
– 1.2 – Fixed the lightbar size (Thanks to 11john11)
– 1.3 – Changed the model name
– 1.4 – Fixed the crashing bug
– 1.5 – Added a custom entry name, replaced the wheels, changed and removed a few liveries, changed the model name and added a compatibility with I’m Not MentaL’s Flatbed script
– 1.6 – Added a rear license plate, storage boxes under the platform and the platform’s controller

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