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Proton Satria Neo [Tunables|Add-On] v1.0
Author: Yoha & I’m Not MentaL | Version: 1.0 | Release Date: 3-29-2016

Model by: WRC 3; R3 & CPS by Yoha
Paintjobs: Yoha & I’m Not MentaL
Beta Tester: I’m Not MentaL

[Mod Description]
The Proton Satria Neo was introduced in June 2006, based on a new platform developed in-house by Proton. The Satria Neo was launched by former Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
This mod I made 3 model which is S2000, CPS & R3. These models can be change in Los Santos Customs or Benny’s Originals. The Satria Neo comes with a few liveries can be change in Benny’s Originals or thru a trainer.

[Mod Features]
1. 3 set of bodykit.
2. 9 set of paintjob.
3. Working Rear mirrors.
4. Working Lights.
5. Breakable Glasses.
6. Tunable Spoiler, Skirt, Bumper, etc.
7. Steering Wheels from SultanRS.
8. Rollcage.
9. Working Dials.

[DIY Paintjob]
I include a PSD file in the “Template” folder you can use it to create your own paintjob.

I. Replace
1. Open “OpenIV”, click “Edit Mode”, then find this path:
2. Backup “blista.yft”, “blista_hi.yft”, “blista.ytd”
3. Replace “blista.yft”, “blista_hi.yft”, “blista.ytd”
Note: Replacement version don’t have Modifications and livery.

II. Add-On
1. Open “OpenIV, Click “Edit Mode”, then find this path:
2. Edit “dlclist.xml” and add:
3. Copy “prosatria” folder from “Add-On” folder to this path:
4. Spawn the car with “satria” using a Trainer.

This model is locked, we hope no one editing our model.
But we don’t lock the livery, you are liberty to edit and share it.

[About Sharing]
You can share this car to other website, but please keep the readme file and author information.
If you’re sharing from, please leave our URL link.

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