GTA IV Voice Navigation GPS

Feb 3, 2017
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This mod brings back Voice Navigation from GTAIV. BING BONG!

– Latest ScriptHookV
– Latest Community Script Hook V .NET 2
– Visual C++ Redistributable Packages x64
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

1. Make sure you have all 4 Requirements Installed.
2. Extract, Drag and Drop ‘Scripts’ folder into GTAV Root Folder.

– Added function to change voice while in game.
– Added function to change volume while in game.
– Voice Timing Improved.

– Voice delay can be set in audio folder.
– 50% chance will play the Bing Bong sound instead of Ding Dong.
– Snoop Dogg voice added change “voice=snoop dogg” in GPS.ini

– Timing Changed.
– Please Proceed to the highlighted route removed.

– Conflict with RealisticDrivingV fixed.
– Ding Dong Tune Added.
– Recalculating Route won’t play more than once, will change to Please make a u-turn.
– Keep Right has been changed to Go Straight ahead
– Please make a u-turn has been changed to Join Freeway
– Exit Freeway Added.
– You have arrived won’t play when exit vehicle.
– Calculating Route Added.
– Speedlimit removed.

– Public Release

v0.2 BETA
– Go Straight & Turn Left Correction
– Added Speedlimit 1 & 2 Toggle and Highbeam Horn Toggle
– Improved Speech Timing
– Added Mandarin Voice

v0.1 BETA
– Initial Release

Rockstar Games, Alexander Blade, Crosire, felipecode

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