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May 20, 2016
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– Usage
Dim XPlayer = New PedExtra(Game.Player.Character)

– Get Ped’s Hat
Dim PedProps As Integer = XPlayer.GetPedProp(PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS)

– Get Ped’s Hat Texture
Dim PedPropTexture As Integer = XPlayer.GetPedPropTexture(PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS)

– Change Player’s Component Variation
PedExtra.SetComponentVariation(Game.Player.Character, PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO, 1, 2, 3)

– Change Player’s Props
PedExtra.SetPropIndex(Game.Player.Character, PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS, 1, 2, True)

– Get Number of Hat Prop Drawable Variations
Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfPropDrawableVariations(PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS)

– Get Number of Prop Texture Variations
Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfPropTextureVariations(2)

– Get Number of Palette Variation
Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetPaletteVariation(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO)

– Get Number of Texture Variations
Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfTextureVariations(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO, 1)

– Get Texture Variation
Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetTextureVariation(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO)

– Get Number of Drawable Variations
Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfDrawableVariations(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO)

– Get Drawable Variation
Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetDrawableVariation(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO)

– Clear All Ped’s Props

– Set Player Default Component Variation

– Get the Weapon Ped was using in Hash
Dim WeaponHash As Integer = XPlayer.GetCurrentWeaponPedUsing()

– Is Player exiting a vehicle? (Sub Task)
Dim Bool As Boolean = XPlayer.IsSubtaskActive(Subtask.EXITING_VEHICLE_CLOSING_DOOR)

– Is Player Driving?
Dim Bool As Boolean = XPlayer.IsDriving()

– Make Player Ragdoll 5000ms
PedExtra.Ragdoll(Game.Player.Character, 5000)

– Change Ped Model
XPlayer.SetPedModel = PedHash.AmandaTownley

– Is Ped Can Use? (Exist)
Dim Bool As Boolean = XPlayer.CanUse()

– Get Ped’s Model
Dim Text As String = XPlayer.GetPedModel()

– Play Drinking Wine Animation
PedExtra.TaskPlayAnim(Game.Player.Character, “[email protected]”, “drinking_wine”, -1)

– Play Drinking Wine Animation Loop
PedExtra.TaskPlayAnimLoop(Game.Player.Character, “[email protected]”, “drinking_wine”, -1)


– Spawn a working Television
Dim TVProp As Prop
Dim TVID As Integer = UIExtra.GetTVRenderTargetID()
Public TVBool As Boolean = False

If TVProp = Nothing Then
Dim tvmdl As Model = New Model(1036195894)
If tvmdl.IsInCdImage AndAlso tvmdl.IsValid Then
While Not tvmdl.IsLoaded
End While
TVProp = World.CreateProp(tvmdl, World.GetNextPositionOnSidewalk(Player.Position), True, True)
End If
End If
UIExtra.TurnOnTV(TVProp, TVID, UIExtra.TVChannel.Channel1, False)
TVBool = True

– Update TV Screen every tick (Should call on every tick)
Dim TVID As Integer = UIExtra.GetTVRenderTargetID()

If TVBool Then ‘Update TV Screen
End If

– Turn off the TV

– Display Help Text on Screen
UIExtra.DisplayHelpTextThisFrame(“Press ” & ControlButton.VehicleCinematicDownOnly & ” to do something.”)

– Display Notification on Screen with Contact icon
UIExtra.DisplayNotificationThisFrame(“I’m Not MentaL”, “You pressed the N key.”, ContactIcon.Barry, True, UIExtra.IconType.RightJumpingArrow)

– Read/Write CFG (As Seen on Single Player Apartment, Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership, Gymnasium, etc)
Dim Text As String = UIExtra.ReadCfgValue(“Key”, “Value”, “C:\FileName.cfg”)
UIExtra.WriteCfgValue(“Key”, Text, “C:\FileName.cfg”)

– Draw Text on Screen
UIExtra.DrawText(“Hello World!”, New PointF(100, 100), 1.5, System.Drawing.Color.Red, GTAFont.Pricedown, GTAFontAlign.Left, GTAFontStyleOptions.DropShadow)

– Get Player’s Radio Station Name
Dim RadioStationName As String = UIExtra.GetPlayerCurrentRadioStation()

– Play External Sound/Music File with Volume Control
UIExtra.PlayExternalSoundFile(“C:\sound.wav”, 50)


– Usage
Dim XVehicle = New VehicleExtra(Game.Player.Character.LastVehicle)

– Get/Set Door Angle (0.0 to 1.0)
XVehicle.DoorAngle(VehicleDoor.FrontRightDoor) = XVehicle.DoorAngle(VehicleDoor.FrontLeftDoor)

– Open/Close Bomb bay Doors

– Set Player Last Vehicle

– Make Vehicle drops money when exploded
XVehicle.SetVehicleDropsMoneyWhenExploded = True

– Get Ped’s Vehicle Weapon in Hash
Dim VehicleWeapon As Integer = XVehicle.GetVehicleWeapon(Game.Player.Character)

– Can Use Vehicle? (Exist)
If XVehicle.CanUse Then
UI.Notify(“This Vehicle Can Use”)
End If

– Get Vehicle’s Model
Dim Text As String = XVehicle.GetVehicleModel()


– Load GTA Online Maps

– Unload GTA Online Maps

– Get Interior ID (Example: Premium Deluxe Motorsport)
Dim InteriorID As Integer = WorldExtra.GetInteriorID(New Vector3(-59.793598175048828, -1098.7840576171875, 27.2612))

– Enable Interior Prop (Example: Premium Deluxe Motorsport)
WorldExtra.EnableInteriorProp(New Vector3(-59.793598175048828, -1098.7840576171875, 27.2612), “csr_beforeMission”)

– Disable Interior Prop (Example: Premium Deluxe Motorsport)
WorldExtra.DisableInteriorProp(New Vector3(-59.793598175048828, -1098.7840576171875, 27.2612), “csr_beforeMission”)

– Make Hidden Interior Visible (Example: 10 Car Garage)
WorldExtra.SetInteriorActive(New Vector3(222.592, -968.1, -99))

– Make Hidden Map or Interior Visible (Example: Custom Apartment)

– Remove Hidden Map or Interior (Example: Custom Apartment)

– Change Interior like Custom Apartment in GTA Online
WorldExtra.ChangeIPL(“apa_v_mp_h_01_a”, “apa_v_mp_h_01_b”)

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