Ran Online Launcher with Chat Room

Oct 18, 2012
Ran Online
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Looking for Something Cool, Fresh?
Try this Launcher!!

Just edit the CONFIG.DLL with notepad

I included a cab file maker to help you in making patch files.
Every time you make a patch file ( patch name should be 1patch.cab, 2patch.cab …)
The only thing you change is the server.ini just add 1 example if it is 0 then make it 1 and upload your 1patch.cab to the location said in the config.dll.

This features unlimited amount of patch files and automatically continues from last completed patch download and Chat Room include.
You need to Run Chat Server.exe to open the Chat Server.

[LAUNCHER] Title=Ran Online Launcher

[AUTOPATCH] serverini=http://localhost/server.ini

[BROWSER] Register=http://www.ragezone.com/

[CHATROOM] Nick=Player

Chat Room Guide
Port forward Your Local IP if you are dynamic IP and your own port, or default: 1234 to TCP.
Once Started, You can use your WAN IP/Hamachi IP for Client. Please Remember to add Exception to firewall or Close your Firewall.
Here is an Example, started with Local IP then Client Join on Hamachi

Credits: philax, DigiRev, I’m Not MentaL

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