Wallpaper that Sync with your Motherboard using OpenRGB

Dec 8, 2022
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Turn your wallpaper into a RGB device. You can now control the RGB lighting on your wallpaper and synchronize wallpaper with other OpenRGB compatible devices.


About Virus

From the latest release test result shows that 3 out of 72 vendors detected as Malicious, it’s false positive, you’re safe, if you have doubts, you can build the project by yourself, build instructions can be found below.

Build yourself

You need Visual Studio 2022 or newer, run Wallpaper.sln to begin. Click the Build on menu, select Build Solution.

How To

  1. Download OpenRGB Wallpaper, extract all files to your Hard Drive.
  2. Run OpenRGB, go to Settings tab, Click E1.31 Devices.
  3. Click Add button at bottom, Enter:

Name: Wallpaper1
IP: Put a bogus IP
Start Universe: 1
Start Channel: 1
Number of LEDs: 576
Type: Matrix
Matrix Width: 36
Matrix Height: 18
Matrix Order: Horizontal Top Left
RGB Order: GRB
Universe Size: 510
Keepalive Time: 1000

  1. Save Settings, Restart OpenRGB.
  2. On OpenRGB, go to SDK Server, click Start Server.
  3. Run OpenRGB Wallpaper, check the settings by right click on tray icon, modify it if you want.
  4. Now run OpenRGB Wallpaper.


  1. The name of Screen must matching with the name on E1.31.
  2. The Connect on the Toolbox menu only works if wallpaper is setting to Autoconnect false.
  3. You are allow to change the Matrix Size, but make sure your LED count is matching the size, IE:

Width Height LEDs
16 x 9 = 144
32 x 18 = 576
64 x 36 = 2304
256 x 144 = 36864

  • The higher the LED count, the higher the CPU usage used.

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