CV-16 Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning

Jun 6, 2017
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[HongYi Team]Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning, Installation

Thank you for your time to download our Liaoning Carrier MOD, You will learn how to install and use this mod by read this installation.

A: Preparing work
B: Trailer
C: How to Install
D: Notes
E: How to use
F: Note for Low-configuration Player
G: Someone can teach how to install and use?

A: Preparing work

Fist of all, you need download our install package.
Then, unzip it.

You will find these folders and files:
list of folders:
1. hongyiteam
2. screens
3. scripts
4. 低配玩家看这里-low hardware can use this

list of files:
1. [Hong Yi Team]Chinese CV-16 Liaoning Readme.txt
2. [红羿团队]中国航母辽宁舰 安装说明.txt
3. about scripts folder.txt
4. updates.txt
5. 版权声明-Copyrights.txt
6. 感谢名单-Thanks list.txt
7. 更新说明.txt
8. 关于scripts文件夹.txt
9. 制作人名单-Credits.txt

B: Trailer

C: How to Install

After you unzip package, you may have a little confuse about so many files. Don’t be panic, installation is very simple.

1. First of fist, you have to has a legal copy of game, means your game has full function.

2. You have install our mod as an add-on, replace way is not work.

2.1. Run OpenIV, enable Edit Mode.

2.2. Go to: \update\update.rpf\common\data, find “dlclist.xml”, drag it on to your desktop.

2.3. Remember backup your dlclist.xml first, then open it with notepad, add below code into the list:


Save, close notepad.

2.4. Back to OpenIV, replace original dlclist.xml with your new one.

2.5. Now, we move to the package foler where you unziped. You will find 3 folders: “hongyiteam”, “scripts” and “低配玩家看这里-low hardware can use this”.

2.5.1. Copy whole “hongyiteam” folder, and paste it into: Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\

2.5.2. Copy whole “Scripts” folder, and paste it into: Grand Theft Auto V\
Remember, you need install script hook v and script hook v dot net.

2.6. Now, after you finished above steps, congratulation, the installation is done!
Start your game, open an Trainer, input “cv16ln”, spawn Liaoning Carrier.

D: Notes

1. After you spawn Liaoning Carrier, J-31B will spawn on the deck automatically.
And if you already install J15a, Z9C, and Z-9 Rescue, they will also spawn on the deck.

You can find these 3 fighter and helicopters in here:

1.Z-9 Rescue new paintjob

2.Z-9C Anti-Submarine Warfare paintjob

3.j-15a flying shark paintjob

2. To use all the function of Liaoning Carrier, you need:
2.2、latest of Script hook v
2.3、latest of Script hook v dot net

3. To install Liaoning Carrier as an add-on, you may need install gameconfig.xml.

4. You have to enable the funtion in Trainer: Player drive vehicle immediatelly when spawn vehicle. Otherwise, Carrier may sink because it fall from air.

5. To Spawn Liaoning Carrier, you need a trainer can input vehicle name. you can try: Simple Trainer, Krise Trainer,Menyoo and so on.

E: How to use

1. When you type “cv16ln”, and click spawn, Game will load elements of Liaoning Carrier one by one. It may has some delay, if your pc configuration is low.

If you find some parts doesn’t load, you can try press ~ button, and input “atln”, press enter, then wait a moment, Liaoning Carrier will reload. If it still not work, restart your game.

2. After you spawn whole Liaoning Carrier, you can enjoy it now.

2.1. All 3 flame shields, 2 elevators, 2 garage doors can be controled. You will see a tip in the top right corner on your screen, when you close these elements.

2.2. All carrier can be lock and unlock.You will see a tip in the top right corner on your screen, when you close these elements.

Note 1: Fighter can be only locked in the fighter parking area, Helicopter is same.
Note 2: Fighter parking area also can lock J-20 and J-31, except J-15a and J-31B. other plane can not be locked.

2.3. Arrest wires function.
When you fly a fighter and close to the area of Arrest wires, your fighter will reduce the speed to zero immediately.

2.4. lights of hull number.
You can press H twice to open the lights of hull number, default is close.

2.5. Flags, Railing and Aerial can be changed into 2 status.
When you drive Liaoning Carrier, open a trainer, like simple trainer or krise trainer, and find the option for components, you can turn on or off the flags, Railing and Aerial.

There are two status of Railing and Aerial, Flat and Erect, play with it by yourself.

2.6. Number of carrier fighter and helicopter.
You can find more details of this part in “about scripts folder.txt”

2.7. We designed a very nice tunnel, you can visit many place all over the Carrier.

2.8. Easter eggs.

2.9. Because the game rules for boat vehicle type, ship has up and down motion in the sea. You will strong feel this when you drive a vehicle on the deck. So we recommend you try to freeze Liaoning Carrier.

In Simple trainer, vehicle option, 2nd page, you will find the Freeze option. The Liaoning Carrier will be stop any shake motion after you enable this.

Now, you can drive your vehicle stably.

3. When sun goes down, the lights on the Liaoning Carrier will turn on. 313 lights give you a very beautiful night vision.

F: Note for Low-configuration Player
Low configuration player may get low FPS when you play Liaoning Carrier, don’t worry, we prepare something for you.

Go to “低配玩家看这里-low hardware can use this” folder, you will find a folder: “low_version_YTD”, open it, you will find a YTD file: cv16ln.ytd. it include low resolution texture.

Run OpenIV, enable Edit Mode, go to:

Drag low version cv16ln.ytd into this root, replace the original one. You will find the size of cv16ln.ytd in this rpf is smaller then original one, 61MB to 28MB.

Now, start your game, and spawn Liaoning Carrier again, you will feel a little bit faster than before.

G: Someone can teach how to install and use?
If you still don’t know how to install and use Liaoning Carrier MOD, you can check a video tutorial in this channel:
Youtube Channel:

Video will be update soon.

HongYi team present

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