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Jan 25, 2016
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Thanks for downloading GTA Five: Apartment & Garage by I’m Not MentaL.
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The mod, Single Player Apartment, has a pretty self-explanatory title (as per usual), coming to us and adds all of the properties players could purchase in GTA Online. Including Apartments from the High Life DLC and Executives and Other Criminals DLC.


– All High-End Apartments, All Stilt Houses, All Medium-End Apartments, All Low-End Apartments, All High-End Garages, All Medium-End Garages and All Low-End Garage to spend your $2,147,483,647!
– Every High-End Apartment, Stilt Houses and Medium-End Apartment comes with a 6 Car Garage, Low End Apartment comes with a 2 Car Garage for a Total of 542 Cars can be save to your Garages!
– Every saved Car is your Personal Vehicle, and your Mechanic will happy to send you your Personal Vehicle to anywhere in the world! Just give him a call.
– Interaction with Prop just like GTA Online, You can watch TV & Changing your clothes!


– Latest ScriptHookV
– Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
– iFruitAddon2
– INMNativeUI.dll (Included in archive)
– Metadata (Included in archive)


Install the Prerequisite then drag the files and folders into your scripts folder.

Important Notes:

– You need Executives and Other Criminals DLC for this mod to work.
– If you have SPA 1 installed, please uninstall it.
– If you have Mosley Auto Service mod installed, Disable “1905 Davis Ave” from SPA II Settings.

Known Bug(s):

– This mod has known compatibility issues with Vehicle Persistence mods including mine.
– Framerate drops a little bit, but has been improved a lot.
– Sometimes player sky diving when exiting vehicle from garage.
– Some Apartment cutscene player will drive into the wall.

Mod Conflicts:

– Heist Map Updates in Single Player (All Apartment Texture Glitchy)
– Single Player Garage (Fall into blue hell)
– Any Persistence Mod, mine included
– Mosley Auto Service (Disable “1905 Davis Ave” from SPA II Settings.)


Rockstar Games – Great Game
Alexander Blade – Script Hook V
Crosire – Script Hook V Dot Net
Abstractmode – MP Characters’ Outfits
TaazR/NewTheft – Help
EnergyStyle – Tester, Chinese Translator
Jorge – Spanish Translator
Celthium – French Translator
Gregor Schill/TwoPlay – German Translator
MMK_033 – Russian Translator
Ideo – Get Info Mod
MoMadenU – Native Watcher
Guadmaz – Native UI
TylerEspo – AnimationV
CamxxCore – iFruitAddOn
Cr1TiKa7 – Help
Graphicscore – Developer Monitors
Gery Simbolon, 韩赫, Digitalclips, Mushi King, SCOFIELD – Tester


– Added Bong Interaction.
– Added Property Management Phone Contacts for Property Purchase and Trade in.
– Changed some vehicle’s Blip Sprite to match with their GTA Online counterpart.

– Fixed Dynasty8 Sign not spawning for some people.

– Fix a bug where Apartment script continue to load even is not in any interior.
– Fix a bug cause Apartment script to load when enter only garage.
– Really Fixed when leaving vehicle inside garage, player appears to use the bail out animation this time.
– Fixed 0432 Davis Avenue Garage Description.

– Fixed Vehicle with liveries keeps change everytime it saves.

– Really Fixed NPC/Freemode characters couldn’t buy any property this time.
– Fixed Radio and TV have no interaction on them from the last beta.
– Fixed 3 Alta Street & 4 Integrity Way with Cutscene bug.
– Prompt won’t appear anymore if you are driving a car unless you are at the garage entrance.
– Added Mors Mutual Insurance to claim your exploded vehicles with a one time premium.
– Apartment without vehicle saved in them will not display on your mechanic menu anymore.

– Fixed NPC/Freemode characters couldn’t buy any property.
– Fixed Michael’s wardrobe missing jacket & open shirt* bugs.
– Fixed Trevor’s wardrobe missing jacket bug.
– Fixed Apartment blips appears below their garage’s blip.
– Fixed when leaving vehicle inside garage, player appears to use the bail out animation.
– Garage Management Menu functions (Move/Delete/Change number plate) completed.
– Properties blips now added colors.
– Garage Menu now also have the same camera as Apartment Menu when activated.
* Michael doesn’t have any Open shirts.

– Fixed floating while changing clothes.
– Updated all apartment with new Enter/Exit camera.
– Added some debug usefull stuff, enter “spadebug” in cheat console to activate.
– Improved mechanic delivery, vehicles that are already on world map will allow to delivery now.
– Garage vehicles will now always clean.
– Fixed a bug causing radar to remain hidden after closing Wardrobe menu.
– Removed the extra marker on the Garage only property.

– Fixed a bug cause driving an existing garage vehicle back to garage will display garage is full message.
– Fixed a 10 car garage vehicles failed to load.

– Fixed Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 2 & Penthouse Suite 3 free fall bug.
– Added missing 2866 Hillcrest Avenue.

– Rewrite from scratch.

– Vehicle can’t sell fixed.
– Added option to enable/disable Phone Contact in SPA_Tool.
– SPA_Tool update with wider Interface.
– New Cheat Codes added.

– Vehicle selling price updated.
– Changed limit of 5 Personal Vehicle allow to spawn to World to 1.
– Missing prop like Benches at Franklin’s house, Patio Umbrellas at 3 Alta Street Apartment fixed.
– Previously drove vehicle will automatically send back to garage if you call another vehicle.
– Christmas Tree will spawn on every December (Your Computer Time).
– New Cheat Codes added.

– Player get snapped back to their Apartment while entering their own home fixed.

– Player didn’t spawn in their Apartment after game loading fixed.
– Added compatible with ScriptHookVDotNet 2.9.4.
– Mors Mutual Insurance not return your vehicle fixed.
– Import/Export vehicles added.

– Fixed 2868 Hillcrest Avenue Vehicle won’t show on Menu.
– Fixed Mors Mutual Insurance not return your vehicle.
– Added Dealership Editor to SPA Tool.
– Updated SPG to SPA Converter on SPA Tool.
– Added Menyoo Outfits to SPA Wardrobe Converter to SPA Tool.
– Added Cunning Stunts vehicles.
– Added Bikers vehicles.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

– Change the Blip Color to correct color.
– Fixed Vehicle duplicate when driving a saved vehicle to another garage.
– Fixed Apartment Blips Hidden while in Director Mode with Model other than Michael, Franklin and Trevor.
– Destroyed vehicles will automatically send back to your garage.

– Fixed a problem might trigger problem to the garage
– Added an option to not use the 1.7.1 update feature: Refresh Garage Vehicle
– SPA Tool update to 1.2 with multilanguage.
– Fixed Kraken display NULL in Dock Tease.

– Draw a cone on top of the vehicle while using Garage manage menu.
– Fixed Garage Vehicle not de-spawn after exit.
– Fixed Garage Vehicle de-spawn while inside the garage.
– Fixed menu overlapping when using Garage manage menu.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.
– Fixed Dead link to Readme file

– Added compatible with ScriptHookVDotNet 2.9.2
– Changed limit of 10 Personal Vehicle allow to spawn to World to 5.
– Pegasus will also send vehicles to player position like Mechanic, Except Planes, Helicopters and Boat.
– Pegasus will not send vehicles if player is too near to the last Pegasus Vehicle.
– Fixed Mechanic not running away after sending vehicle.
– Added Further Adventure in Finance and Felony update vehicles.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.
– Fixed Spawn on wrong place while game loaded.
– Fixed Radio Channel switch while zooming on Telescope.

– Fixed 2874 Hillcrest Avenue’s Garage.
– Fixed Radio stopped working after changing Apartment’s Style.
– Fixed interactions only working with SPA interiors. (Won’t conflicts with other Mods, such as Yacht Deluxe.)
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

– Added Radio for Apartment
– Added TV Channel switch
– Fixed cannot shoot/jump/aim while on other interior.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.
– Added compatible with ScriptHookVDotNet 2.8

– Improved Apartment Exterior Hiding Mechanism.
– Invinsible phone fixed.
– Improved Add-On/Custom Apartment.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

– Add Mechanic Toggle key for XBOX controller.
– FPS drop issue fixed.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

– Re-write 90% of the code.
– Added Interactive with TV.
– Added 37 New outfits for both genders for a total of 74 outfits. (Huge thanks to abstractmode)
– Apartment Blips hidden while on missions or wanted.
– Mechanic will drive your vehicle to you, but can be disable on setting file.
– Voice volume for Mechanic and Pegasus can be adjust on setting file.
– Vehicle Name in Phone Menu read game text.
– Fixed Tornado no image display.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

– Upgrade compatibility Community Script Hook V .NET 2.7.
– Weapons & Character Switch are disable while in Apartment & Garage.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.
– Add 12 New VIP outfits and 12 Bodyguard styles with 4 outfits for both genders for a total of 120 outfits.
– SPA Tool updated. You can convert SPG vehicle.xml to SPA vehicle.cfg.
– Image Preview for Vehicle Dealership placement can be edit on setting file.
– New voice for Mechanic & Pegasus.

– Fixed Vehicle unable to purchase after purchase a new apartment.
– Interactive with Apartment props bugs fixed.

– Fixed The New Apartments not showing on Delivery Menu.
– Fixed The New Apartments not showing in Mechanic Menu.
– Fixed 3677 Whispymound Drive not showing in Mechanic Menu.

– Added 4 New Low-End Apartments.
– Added 17 New Medium-End Apartments.
– Added Interactive: Bong, Green juice, Wine, Whiskey, Shower.
– Added Lowriders update Part 2 vehicles to Benny’s Motorworks.

– Improved Vehicle Spawning.
– No Conflicts with Vanilla Garage anymore.
– Updated NativeUI.
– No longer use AnimationV.

– Car image display smaller and proper location
– Cannot attack Bugs fixed
– Add more methods to save vehicle

– Added ability to change Vehicle’s Name to Garage Menu.
– Added New Pegasus Menu.
– Added New Shopping Menu: Benny’s Original Motorworks
– Added New Shopping Menu: Dock Tease
– Added New Shopping Menu: Elitas Travel
– Added New Shopping Menu: Legendary Motorsport
– Added New Shopping Menu: Pedal to Metal
– Added New Shopping Menu: Southern SA SuperAuto
– Added New Shopping Menu: Warstock Cache & Carry
– Added Mechanic Menu, Pegasus Menu, Benny’s Original Motorworks Menu, Dock Tease Menu,
Elitas Travel Menu, Legendary Motorsport Menu, Pedal to Metal Menu, Southern SA
SuperAuto Menu, Warstock Cache & Carry Menu to Phone Contact.
– Added more cars allow to sell to LSC.
– Added an Option to never enable Online Maps
(You need other mod to Enable Online maps otherwise you can’t see the interiors).
– Added Pay the mechanic.
– Multi-Language Support (Translator needed)
– Garage Menu and Mechanic Menu Active Vehicle Badge changed to Right.
– 10-Car Garage vehicle heading like GTA:O.
– Engine turned off when exiting Garage fixed.
– Weapons are disabled when you in Garage.
– Removed leftover codes, make file size smaller.
– Garage Menu Empty vehicles will not allow to Select.
– You have reached the maximum number of vehicle delivery fixed.
– Stop using get model name (sometimes crash after update to latest ScripthookVdotnet).

– Upgrade compatible to Community ScriptHookDotNet 2.5.1
– Prevent Mechanic Menu from drawing repeatly.
– Added ability to Change Vehicle’s Number Plate to Garage Menu.
– Fixed missing house unit on Blip for Player3 Purchased Stilt Apartments.
– Fixed 2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Drive not showing on Mechanic Menu.
– Fixed Saved Vehicle despawn sometimes.
– Fixed Dashboard color & Trim color not save for lowriders.

– Added Option to change Scenario on Wardrobe.
– Fixed vehicle roof.
– Vehicle extra components can now save.
– Added ability to Remove and drive away your vehicle to Garage Menu.
– Added ability to Sell your vehicles to Los Santos Customs to Garage Menu.
– Added ability to Rearrange vehicles to Garage Menu.
– Fixed Garage Menu not showing the last vehicle you drove in.
– Bugs fixed.

– Added Outfits, Earrings, Hats, Chains and Glasses for MP Characters.
– Wardrobe Updated with New UI and Scenario.
– Fixed 6 car Garage unable to remove vehicles.
– Fixed tire smoke color.
– Added ability to choose which Apartments to enable in the game.

– Fixed Balcony not show when enter stilt houses.
– Fixed Exterior Hidden when Garage is Full.

– Add-On Vehicle can now store into Garage without settings.
– Removed Get Hash key, because you no longer need it.
– Removed lot of codes, make file size smaller.
– Fixed 3655 Wild Oats Drive Exterior keeps hidden after exit from garage.
– Now you can purchase Apartment with MP Male/Female model.
– Description at Eclipse Tower Penthouse Suite 3 fixed.
– Apartment Name in Chinese version fixed.

– Fixed Eclipse Tower Apt. 8 Infinity Loading while return vehicles to Garage.
– Fixed Exteriors not hidden while Load game.

v1.3 R2
– Penthouse Suite bugs fixed on Chinese version.
– Character will freeze while changing clothes.
– Spotlight bug fixed.

v1.3 R1
– Show Vehicle Hash code while pressing F5 (Useful for Add-on Vehicles).
– Vehicles will return to Garage while Game Start/Reload Scripts.
– Wardrobe Updated with Name and Category.
– Missing Objects on Michael’s Safehouse, Franklin’s Safehouse, Floyd’s Apartment fixed.
– Exterior walls now hidden when you enter your apartment.
– Spotlight at Wardrobe can be Switch On/Off.

v1.2.3 R1
– Fixed crash issue on some pc.
– Clean up bad codes.
– Garage bugs fixed.
– Several bugs fixed.

– Stop SPA from repeatly Load MP Map.
– Now you can call Mechanic Delivery up to 10 vehicles.
– Also you can Leave Garage up to 10 vehicles.
– Each vehicle call from Mechanic/Leave from Garage will be Persistence and Have a Tracker on it.
– Mechanic Menu Updated.
– 2874 Hillcrest Avenue, 2117 Milton Road, 3677 Whispymound Drive Description fixed.
– Fixed Character Leave Vehicle while Exit Garage.

– Tire Variation fixed (No more free custom tires).
– Added Benny’s Customization.
– Plate Style fixed.

– Mechanic Menu bugs fixed.
– SPA bugs fixed.
– Now can store Vehicles from Executives and other Criminals DLC, Christmas 2015 DLC to the Garage.
– Wardrobe Camera fixed.
– Add-On Vehicle can now store into Garage.
– Garage Menu bugs fixed.
– Added Low End Apartment: 2057 Vespucci Boulevard with 6-car Garage.
– Added 9 Stilt Apartments: 2862, 2868, 2874 Hillcrest Avenue, 2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, 2117 Milton Road, 2044, 2045 North Conker Avenue, 3677 Whispymound Drive, 3655 Wild Oats Drive
– Added 3 Custom Apartments: Eclipse Tower Penthouse Suite 1, 2, 3
– Add an option to Always Enable MP Map.
– Seperate Settings to a new file.

– Controller Support.
– Vehicles driving out from Garage/Spawn from Mechanic Menu will be persistance.
– Mechanic Menu UI Update.
– Fixed fall into blue hell when Enter Apartment from Garage.
– Add-On Vehicle can now store into Garage. (But still buggy)
– Fixed a bug when MP maps unload character stuck in another Apartment.

– Spoiler incorrect ID bug fixed.
– Added Missing Horn and Bulletproof Tires.
– Controller Support (Still buggy)
– Improved Garage (You can now return your vehicle with modification, and it will save your new modification).
– Added ‘Return all Vehicles’ option to Mechanic Menu.
– Fixed Missing Object (For Example: Michael’s Bed), but each time you enter High-Life Apartment you’ll need to wait few seconds.
– Move Enter Garage Coodinates a bit away from Garage Door.
– Fixed a few vehicle unable to enter garage.
– Fixed unable to Enter all High-Life Apartment Garage.

– Fixed Unable to Enter Garage after purchase Apartment.
– Fixed Unable to Open Mechanic Menu after purchase Apartment.
– Fixed a bug which cause FPS drop below 10.

– Infinity Loading after purchase any apartment fixed. (Thanks to itujo, srkibess, ShakeZone, Xane, Faysal, HeySlickThatsMe)

– Richard Majestic Apt. 4 Save Location Fixed.
– New UIMenu to Enter/Purchase Apartment.
– New UIMenu to Exit/Sell Apartment.
– Added Del Perro Heights Apartment 4 with New Interiors.
– Change Sinner St Apt. to Dream Tower Apt.
– Richman Mansion Removed. (Request by few people)
– Added Wardrobe on every Apartment.
– Added Garage on every Apartment.
– Added Mechanic Menu.

– Now you will load where you save.
– Removed the Language of your GTAV display on bottom of the screen when you press Vehicle Duck.
– Fixed “Conversion from string to type ‘Single’ is not valid.”

– 1102 Sinner Street always fall into blue hell bug fixed.
– Lower the chance to fall into blue hell on all apartment.
– Added Tinsel Towers Apartment 42 with New Interiors.
– SPA is also available for Chinese copy of GTAV.

– Initial Release


Where can I find the ERROR LOG(s)?
The error logs are located on your GTA5 root directory. “ScriptHookVDotNet.log” & “SPA II.log”.
System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. at nativeCall() at GTA.Native.?A0xe506951e.NativeTask.Run()
1. You have too many DLC.rpf in your game, you need to find a compatible gameconfig.xml.
2. Press Insert (INS) button to refresh scripts (NOT RECOMMENDED).
Can I use this mod if I have a multiplayer skin loaded onto my character?
Does this Mod allow me to interacting with objects inside the apartment?
I have FPS drop issue with this Mod
Currently no solution to make it anymore lower, if you can make it, fork the source code and pull request.
Is this controller support?
What version of the game is required?
Minimum 1.0.1604.0 (1.46) Arena War update.
Is this Mod conflicts with SPG and/or Open All Interiors?
Yes Both SPG and SPA cannot be use together.
For Open All Interiors, you can tweak the settings, Open “OpenInteriors.ini” then change the Advanced Part to this:
disableOnlineApartments=1 //you should only use this is you are using a safehouse mod or something//
disableOnlineGarages=1 //you should only use this if you’re using a garage mod//
Can I add custom apartment/house?
Yes you can fork my source code to modify it yourself and No I will not add custom MLO or map editor apartment.
How to remove vehicle in Garage?
Enter your Garage, Go to the Blue Circle, and Press E/Dpad right to open Manage Vehicle Menu then select your vehicle, then select Delete.
My road and building textures glitching/disappearing...
Try update your GPU drivers.
Some of your modded cars has no LODs (Level of Detail), leaving them on the game world will give your GPU a lot of stress. Find out which one and remove them from your game.
Could you integrate the possibility to buy the offices from the finance and felony update?
Nope, because those are offices and not apartment.
But maybe I will one day.
Does this Mod working on console?
Does this Mod working on FiveM?
How to change the style of the Apartment?
1. Only Penthouses at Eclipse Tower have the ability to change Styles.
2. Apartment Style menu can be toggle on your penthouse front door.
How can I call the mechanic to get my car?
From your Phone Contact.
How to purchase Properties?
1. Walk to a nearby Dynasty8 for sale sign.
2. From your Phone Contact, call Property Management.
Can I import saved vehicles from SPA 1?
Yes, use the provided setting tool in SPA II folder.
Why are the original game blips missing after I install this mod?
Because game has a blip limit, install this mod to increase the blip limit.
I can't get the mod working, Please help!
– Make sure you have the latest ScripthookV
– Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
– Latest Visual C++ Redistributable required for SHVDN
– Latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (Skip this if you are using Windows 10)
– Make sure you place my mod under ‘scripts’ folder, not GTAV Main Directory.
– Make sure you did not place ScriptHookVDotNet.DLL in the ‘Scripts’ Folder.
– If you still can’t get the mod working, Join my Discord Server to create ticket.


Bring up the game console with the tilde (~) button on your PC keyboard and enter the cheat you want to use.

Enable Debug info, Debug Camera and Debug menu.

Activate Debug Camera without activate Debug mode.


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