InitialD Arcade Stage Launcher FAQ


below is a list of Frequently asked Questions.

Where can I find the ERROR LOG(s)?

– The error logs are located on your IDASLauncher root directory. “InitialDLauncher.log”.

Why IDASLauncher does not open?

– Make sure you unblock the IDASL_X.X.rar/IDASL_X.X (launcher only).rar before extracting
– Make sure you have all the dll files extracted into TeknoParrot directory.

The system cannot find the file specified

– Please extract the launcher and all the files and folders to TeknoParrot directory.

The file exists.

– Remove SBUU_card.bin/SBYD_card.bin/SBZZ_card.bin from %appdata%\TeknoParrot directory.
– Remove InidCard000.crd from game folder.

Why my Avatar won’t save?

– Make sure you check the check box on the left!

Why is the Cheat section grayed out?

– You need to enter the cheat on the Launcher.

Avatar cannot be blank!?

– Make sure you select all Avatar.

Where to enter ‘imnoobcheater’ cheat?

– just type anywhere while you’re in the Launcher area. If you type it correctly, you will heard ‘VROOM VROOM’ confirmation sound.

What is the Login for? Do I need to register to play?

– The login is only for Time Attack Submission. To prevent cheating, I added a login system so whoever was cheating, will get banned.

Do I need to be a patreon to download this launcher?

– No, this is a freeware and never will be a paid version. (I’m not Reaver LOL)

Why is my Card Selection screen empty?

– Click the ‘Scan Card’ option to let the launcher move your cards to the Launcher.
– For old version of the launcher, you have to manually move your cards into:
* InitialD 6: ID6_CARDS
* InitialD 7: ID7_CARDS
* InitialD 8: ID8_CARDS

My cards are already in the Launcher, but why it prompt ‘No Card Selected’ when I click Play?

– You need to select your card in your Card Management.

I already put my card in the IDX_CARDS folder, why the launcher won’t detect?

– You might have a corrupted card or the card is old format.

Can I play TeknoParrot Online using this launcher?

– Of course! Check the ‘Multiplayer’ on the Settings.

How to start into Test Menu using this launcher?

– Check the ‘Test Mode’ on the Settings.

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