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You need to Install Microsoft MSSQL 2005 or Higher before using this Tool.

Maybe you will need to Run As Administrator on Windows 7 System.

If you cannot Edit/Save your Settings
Check your ODBC Settings. Make sure you choose ‘With Integrated Windows authentication.’,
not ‘With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user.’
Make sure Your ODBC is Setup under ‘User DSN’ with ‘SQL Server’, not ‘SQL Native Client’.

System Requirements

Windows 7 32/64 SP1, Windows Vista 32/64 SP1/SP2, Windows XP 32/64 SP1/SP2/SP3


– Added Guild Info on GMC
– Added Language Selection (English/Malay/Chinese Simplified/Chinese Traditional)
– Pack with VB6 Installer, fix DLL or OCX not found.

– All Ran Version Support (EP1/EP2/EP3/EP4/EP4Korea/EP5/EP6s1/EP6s2/EP7v1/EP7Neo/EP7Jam/EP7RIP/EP7Jolin)
– Added a checkbox to choose whether you want to register a non md5 encrypt password
– Remove the useless UserName on GMC Interface
– Added an New Text Box to Change your Character Guild Name

– Now Support JamRan EP7 Server
– Multi Language support
– Some Minor Bugs Fix

– Initial Release

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