Yong Online Launcher Clone

Nov 3, 2012
Ran Online
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This Launcher Require .NET Framework v3.5 or Above to run properly.
Download .NET Framework 3.5 from Official Microsoft Download Center

If you are in EP3, Open your Param.cfg and Add

[SERVER SET] strImageURL=http://www.yong-online.com.tw/WebImages/launch/launcher.html
HttpAddressFile=http://www.#Your Server.txt File#.com/server.txt
PatchAddressFile=http://www.#Your Patch.exe File#.com/patch.exe

[ETC OPTION] ItemShopHPAddress=https://member.yong-online.com.tw/stored/shop/shophelp.aspx

Note: Change #Your Server.txt File# and #Your Patch.exe File#.com to your domain

If you are in EP4 & Above, just use the param.cfg I include in the archive.

You need to Edit HttpAddressFile to your Website and Upload server.txt to your server.
And you need to Edit PatchAddressFile to your Website and Upload patch.exe to your server.(Must use patch.exe or not working.)

Patch Making
Open cver.cfg and Change the version to a higher number, and Open Server.txt and Change to Higher Number.
(Make sure cver.cfg is lower than Server.txt or the patch won’t download.)
Then Pack your data with cver.cfg using WinRAR(Recommended)

On the WinRAR Window, Open ‘General’ Tab, Check ‘Create SFX archive’. Then Open ‘Advance Tab’, Click ‘SFX options…’,
Open ‘General’ Tab, Select ‘Create in current folder’, Then Open ‘Modes’ Tab, Select ‘Hide Start dialog’ or ‘Hide all’,
Then Open ‘Update’ Tab, Select ‘Overwrite all files’, Then Click OK until End.

Rename your patch to patch.exe and Upload to your Server and your Update is ready.

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